• Chicago Tribune Travel - USA

    Product Review - There are six exterior pockets ... [a]nd they're all secure. You'll feel so emboldened, you'll want to wander through a crowd of grabby street urchins.

  • The New York Times - USA

    Making Sure Your Valuables Stay Yours - “Beneath the left rear pocket is another hidden [pocket] with a covered zipper for your passport and money.”

  • The Los Angeles Times - USA

    "Gear: Go ahead, just try to pick the pockets of these pants"

  • Chicago Tribune - USA

    "I thought the secret pockets were all that would qualify this as a travel shirt, but it turned out to be a versatile piece of clothing that was amazingly resistant to wrinkles.”

  • Practical Travel Gear - USA

    "[P^cubed] can replace a lot of under-clothing security accessories and they’re built to last you decades of solid use."

  • Yahoo Travel - USA

    The Only Adventure Travel Pants You Will Ever Need - "I can attest to the fact that I may never travel in any other pants ever again. I’m ashamed to admit how often I wore these pants.”

  • International Herald Tribune

    Ways to Outsmart the Pickpockets - “Beneath the left rear pocket is another hidden [pocket] with a covered zipper for your passport and money.”

  • San Francisco Chronicle - USA

    Gear Review - "P-cubed Adventure Traveler Pants by Clothing Arts don't fit the baggy, saggy nylon pajamas stereotype; the cut, styling and feel are closer to a comfortable pair of khakis."

  • USA Today - USA

    Gift Guide - "Foil pickpockets: Wear Clothing Arts' Pˆcubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants and thieves won't get their sticky fingers on your travel essentials."

  • Smarter Travel - USA

    "Great For: Places where pickpocketing is a real concern. Since they're wrinkle resistant and quick drying, they're ideal for the rigors of travel.”

  • Springwise - USA

    Triple-security pants are designed to foil pickpockets

  • The Boston Globe - USA

    "Picked pockets no more" - News, Apps, Deals and Gear From New England and Beyond

  • The Times - UK

    Travel Tips - A new range of shorts and trousers designed to beat the pickpockets

  • - USA

    Gear Review - "I appreciate their comfort and fit first and foremost... [t]hrow in the fact that they provide a level of security for your valuables that you won't find elsewhere, and you just might have the perfect travel pants."

  • - USA

    Gear Review - "Bottom Line: The Pick Pocket Proof Pants are not only tough enough to stand up to miles on the road, but these pants will comfortably see you through miles on the trail as well."

  • USA Today - USA

    "Invest in clothing designed to foil thieves, such as Clothing Arts' ingenious Pick-Pocket Proof Pants."

  • Newsday - USA

    Pants with Safety Pouches - " Large pockets with zippers and buttons make unauthorized access difficult, if not impossible."

  • MSNBC's Travel Kit - USA

    Pickpocket-proof pants and other gear to keep your valuables safe

  • Inside Outdoor - USA

    Product Feature: Product Market Showcase - Spring/Summer 2012

  • - USA

    "[P^cubed] would no doubt be amazing travel pants, if not, the perfect travel pants. Next time I fly overseas for a backpacking trip, these will undoubtedly be the first pants I go to."

  • Outside Online - USA

    Gear Shed Blog - Pick Pocket Proof Your Next Trip!

  • - USA

    Gifts for Travelers: Gift Guide Round-Up And 12 Days of Gift Giveaways

  • Open Air Life - USA

    P^cubed Selected to their Spring 2012 Gear Guide

  • - USA

    Beso Editor-In-Chief: "One Gift Done: I'm Buying These Pants for My Parents."

  • Long Island Pulse - USA

    Travel Attire Road Test - Bruce Northam, Host of American Detour highlights some of his favorite travel gear: "[P^cubed] remain sleek—you don’t look like a safari movie extra. They double as smart and functional urban wear"

  • Mallory on Travel - UK

    Gear Review: "I have had my pair of Adventure Traveler Pants for several months now; they have been thoroughly tested on a number of trips abroad. They are now my favourite travel pants and are one of the first items to be packed for any journey."

  • UpaDowna - USA

    Review - ""Overall, I think P^Cubed Pants are functional and tough, a great pair of pants! Just short of attaching a Master Lock to each of your pockets, these pants will keep you from falling victim to the slight of hand."

  • Seattle Backpacker - USA

    Review - “These shorts are amazing!” ... "Your valuables will be safe, even from you!"

  • Art of Backpacking - USA

    Review - "It’s my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants in my backpack right now."

  • Viajablog - Spain

    Pantalones con seguridad para viajar

  • - USA

    Product Feature from a Website "Profiling Emerging Companies and Technologies in the Outdoor Sports Industry"


    Product Feature: Travel Pants with Many Pockets, "Extremely Interesting Design"

  • - USA

    Around the World Travel Product Showcase