Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ - Business Traveler Pants (New for 2015)

Introducing Nature-Like™ Nylon Business Travelers!



Waist & Inseam:

  • The Ultimate Road Warrior - Dressy Enough to Wear to the Office Yet Durable Enough to See You Securely Around the World.

  • New 100% Nature-Like™ Nylon - The Look & Feel Of Cotton With All The Benefits Of Nylon: Wrinkle-Free, Quick-Dry, Lightweight & Breathable - Plus Water & Stain Resistance!
  • Patented 10 Pocket Design Featuring: 2 Triple Secure Pockets, 5 Double Secure Pockets & Dual Side Smartphone Pockets
  • Go From Office to Outdoors - the first pair of pants to truly provide you with this flexibility in one pair of pants!

    Rear Pockets: our newest patent on pocket design, each pocket appears to be a standard chino pocket, but are triple secure! There are two types of pockets:

    • Right side pocket combines a button through closure with flap, and a hidden zipper.

    • Left side pocket features a pocket-in-pocket triple secure closure system designed to hide your wallet or passport.

    Front Pockets: unique zippered pockets are three pockets in one.

    • A standard pants pocket using a unique zipper closure for added security. This prevents objects from inadvertently falling out of your pockets while traveling.

    • A second, full sized hidden Velcro secured pocket for those who carry their wallet in the front.

    • A third “invisible” zipper secured pocket designed to fit smartphone/credit & bank cards.

    • Clothing Arts universal front pocket design ensures both righties and lefties get the full function out of their garment.

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    Clothing Arts 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    P^cubed - Pick-Pocket Proof Business Traveler Pants combine the comfort and styling of business casual with the utility and durability of travel wear. Designed to be at home in the office or on the road, we guarantee your complete satisfaction when our pants arrive at your door. If you are not happy with the design or fit for any reason, ship the unworn pants with tags still attached back to us and we will refund the cost of the pants back to your card.

    • SF Chronicle - USA

      "What we like: The sense of security that comes with 10 pockets, five of which are doubly secure and two back pockets that are triply secure. The material is light and durable, breathes well and dries quickly."

    • Practical Travel Gear - USA

      "New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers: You get all this security in a pair of travel pants that are as light and well-made as a normal pair of nylon travel pants from the big gear companies we review on here regularly."

    • Houston Chronicle - USA

      Great Gifts For Travelers: "Clothing Arts' Pick-Pocket Proof Business Traveler Pants are lightweight, stylish trousers made of "Nature-Like Nylon" that don't have bulky cargo pockets but do have all the zippers and buttons necessary to keep your belongings where they belong."

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    Wore the travel pants every single day for three weeks traveling in Japan. Admittedly, not a country with a high risk of theft, but the pants’ complement of pockets was superb. They comfortably handled my burden of a rented cell phone, personal smartphone (LOVED the pockets inside the front pockets for the phones), WiFi hotspot device, two wallets, passport and train pass, coins…and guidebook:-). They were also really comfortable with a nice soft feel.


    I was warned about theives in Lyon and Paris. My Business Traveler Pants and Pick Pocket Proof Shirt passed the test. I know that I was "jostled" in the Metro but lost nothing. Big pluses: they are both easy to wash, dry overnight and they look good. Regarding the fit, I have an "odd" waist measurement (35"). The pants have side buttons that allow one to adjust the size. I also liked the velcro double front pocket and the zippers everywhere which provided another layer of safety. Kudos...good product!


    I recently returned from a 2 week European tour. I took two pair of PPP
    Pants with me. They were great and washed and dried overnight. We were in some situations that called for us to be alert concerning pick pockets. I felt very secure in those incidents. The joke with the other tour members was watching me trying to remember which secret pocket I had used and seeing how long it took for me to unbutton and unzip to retrieve whatever I was trying to find. Thanks for a great product.


    I wore the business traveler version while on vacation in Paris for 4 weeks. The most outstanding PPP feature is the velcro sealed double pocket in both front pockets. That, by itself is all the safety I need. These pants are intended for urban use. That means one will be getting into these pockets often during the day, for money, Metro tickets, etc. The zippers on the front pockets were a bit annoying. I didn't need them but they scraped my hand as I often accessed the pocket. That by itself means I'll hesitate to wear them in a non-travel environment.

    Inside the front pockets is a small zippered pocket. Sounds good in theory but I'm not sure what I'd store in there and how easy the access was one-handed.

    I don't store anything of value in my back pockets because I don't want to sit on it.

    The pant material is odd. It feels flimsy with little body but it isn't. In fact, it doesn't wrinkle or get rumpled. So despite it being odd, it is a net plus.

    All in all, it has too many secure pockets for me to utilize. I don't know how I could keep track of what is where in an urban setting, accessing the pockets often. I like the Dockers concept (which they discontinued, unfortunately) of a single fine-toothed zipper secured pocket along the side seam, separate from the usual pocket & nearly invisible.

    I think this pant could be made with fewer zippered/secured pockets (keep the divided, velcro-secured design, though) at a lower price. While I'll keep and continue to use the pair I purchased, I will not buy more.

    --- Clothing Arts Comment ---
    Thank you for the support & your thorough review. We're glad you've gotten good use out of the pants and will continue to wear them. Our pocket designs are meant to give you options, which you do not find on other pants.


    I've had an excellent experience with the pants I bought from Clothing Arts so far.